Kakeroma island De Trekking

  • Kakeroma island De Trekking
  • Kakeroma island De Trekking
  • Kakeroma island De Trekking

The Explanation of the Tour

Trekking Tour in Kakeroma island!
“Come on ! Let’s put down our smartphones and tablets in the back of the bags and take a deep breath !
It is the start of the forest-ocean therapy and Digital Detox Tour.

There is not a big town, nor a large supermarket in Kakeroma.
Nothing here !
That is why it is a popular and mysterious island, Kakeroma island !
Why do the people continue living in Kakero which does not have anything,
in the time when anything is easy and ready to get in hand ?
The slow trekking tour and the nature in Kakeroma island will be an undoubtful answer.

The mountains, the low mountains with severe undulations, occupy 95% of the land
which the hub snakes inhabit as well as Ooshima Main Island.
What is much more spreading is an ocean once you cross beyond the pass,
paying attention to the rare animals in Kakeroma Amami and speaking of Galapagos in the Orient.
The trekking course combined with the beaches will raise much of new energy and pleasant tiredness
from the bottom of your heart, when the sea breeze is blowing on the coral
beaches and surrounded by the breath of trees which grow densely in the subtropical forests.
The changes of season will make the plants and animals different,
and the changes of weather will also make the ocean appear different !
At the final destination, the splendid scenery overlooking the horizon of the Pacific Ocean is awaiting you.

Walking in the forests, listening to the birds’ chirping
and strolling on the beaches with the exposure to the sea-breeze, climbing the hills while looking at the ocean
are a short trip to the ultimate space-time on the there-is-nothing island.
After exchanging one-word, two-word greetings with the elders resting under the shadows of the trees on the beach,
let’s trail into the solitary island.

About the Trekking:
A slow five hours’ round trip trekking at your own pace !
Our staff will escort you without failure. Feeling safe and fun, any beginners can join this trip.
It is a slow and slow walk with a chance to take a rest in a village, or at a place with a good view even on the beach on the way.
This is something that can’t be experienced easily.
At the final destination, we will eat lunch. Please bring your own lunch.
If we have any time left, we stroll on the tour spots in the village where we pass through on the way.
This is a one-day tour to enjoy the villages, the plants, the animals, the mountains and the ocean in Kakeroma.

The Tour Notes

  • The taxes, the insurance fees, and the boarding fee are included in the tour price.
  • Bring your own lunch.
  • The meeting site of the Kakeroma Tours is basically “Setouchi Sea Station”, Koniya Port in the southern part of Amami Oshima.
  • Those who stay on Kakeroma island start at Kakeroma! Please inquire beforehand.
  • The tour will be held in light rain.
    The decision to enforce the travel depends on the weather conditions.
  • In the case of a typhoon or a heavy rain, please make a phone call at your earliest convenience to check the possibilities of the tours : one day before, or at the latest, before you leave your hotel.
    When the tours are clearly determined not to be held due to the weather conditions, we are the ones to get in touch with you.
  • The tour is a trekk. Please preferably prepare less exposed clothes.
  • Please prepare sneakers or shoes for trekking.Please bring your own drinks, hats, insect repellants, sunscreen creams because it is hot and fine in the daytime in summer.

※Please prepare your own lunch.

“Walking in the Sky” at Kakeroma island

The Meeting Spot:

The paid parking lot at Setouchi Umino Station for ¥100.00 for 30 minutes, and the maximum charge is ¥1,000.00 for 24 hours after your arrival.

It is approximately a one-hour car ride from Nase in Amami City,
and about one hour and a half, or two hours’ ride from the northern part of Amami Oshima.

Please come to Setouchi Sea Station fifteen minutes before the tour starts.
Upon your arrival at Setouchi SeStation, contact us at 090-7288-5980.

The Six Hours’ Course:
tour duration 9:00
tour prices
(the tax included)
adults ¥14,300※1
children ¥12,100※1
infants ¥1,100※1
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration about six hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1 : The price includes the insurance fees and the boarding fees.
※1 : Bring your own lunch.
※2 : Please inquire about the chartered tours.