Slow Guide Agreement

Slow Guide Amami Tour Participation Agreement
in December, 2017

Article I (Participation in Tours)

The participants in our tours are to agree to observe the regulations and the directions set by Slow Guide Amami (hereinafter called our association).

Article II (Refusal to Participate)

Our association compels the applicants to cancel their applications to the tours in the following cases:

  • our customers submit false statements about matters determined by our association,
  • or do not make reports required by our association. or perform a deed intolerable for third persons, or impede our association in our smooth business, or when such possibilities are observed
  • or do not comply with our systems measured by our association,
  • or as an individual person, excessively apply to participate in the tours,
  • or offend other participation regulations.

Article III (Reimbursement of participation fee)

The expenses of the tours which the customers take are not to be reimbursed for any reason, once they start.
In any case, the fees( the transportation fee to the spot, the lodging expenses, the correspondence charges, the postage and the commission) are not to be reimbursed.

Article IV (Determination of the Participants)

Our association has the right to determine the ways to select, the number limit and the order of the tour participants when needed.

Article V (Termination of Application)

Our association can terminate the applications when we have received the number of the participants for each tour.

Article VI (Matters for Prohibition)

It is prohibited to resell the tours for more than the participation price set by our company, or the trials to resell through the internet auctions, or the applications as premises. The discovery of the afore-mentioned behaviors will nullify your applications and will not allow your participation in the tour upon our association’s judgement. If you are already a part of the tour, you will be commanded to leave the tour.

Article VII (Disclaimer)

Our association is not responsible for any customers’ or the third persons’ losses caused by any unexpected disorder of communication networks, or the lateness or impossibilities of applications.

Article VIII (Effects of Contracts)

  1. It is taken for granted that our customers follow any one of the ways of application in Article II set by our association and the customers’ applications are completed at the time when any one of them is notified.
  2. The way to notify the completion of applications done through a Web Site is sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of the application.
  3. The tours are to be reserved. For application on the day, when fulfilled, we cannot offer the service. When adding more people, please be sure to make a reservation.
  4. Any before-hand reservation without any failure is appreciated. There will be a 100% cancellation fee, if you cancel without contact on the day of the tour.

Article IX (Publicity)

Through newspapers, TV, radios, magazines, the customers can be taken in video, and interviewed during the tours for the purposes of publication and commerce.
The right of publication belongs to our association.

Article X (Damages to Property)

The participants are responsible for any damage to property, and for the competition equipment management. Our association is not responsible for the loss or damage thereof.

Article XI (Health Care)

  1. The participants are responsible for health care by themselves. Our association does not take any responsibility in any case.
  2. You are requested to take care of your accidents, injuries, sudden illnesses while on tour. When physical conditions worsen. please make a report on your judgement to decline or terminate the tour. When you give troubles to others, you are to solve them among the parties concerned.
  3. Please keep in mind that the insurance partially covers, but not all. Please be aware that the accidents caused by the customers’ uncarefulness are not subjected. The insurance is applied only to the period of time from beginning to end of the tour, not to the period of the return time.
  4. In the case that the participants encounter accidents or injuries, the tours can be partially or totally cancelled on the spot, or requested to offer any cooperation to save and treat the injured, or to prevent secondary disasters.

Article XII ( Alteration of Tours)

Any change to the worse weather and atmospheric tour conditions unexpectedly causes what the tour is.

Article XIII (Responsibility of Representative)

When one applicant is a representative, the applicant is considered to have informed all the other applicants of the regulations concerned. The applicant is considered to be responsible for making the regulations known and informed and agreed to all the minorities’ guardians.

Article XIV (Application Made by Minorities)

Minorities are required to make applications with their guardians’ agreements.

Article XV (Others)

  1. When our association has agreements and regulations other than the above mentioned, we will take a measure corresponding to the situations. The change of our business details will cause the addition of articles to the tour regulations without any before-handed notification.
  2. When the applicants are not in time to join the tour, the applicants are to join the tour on the way. Please earnestly join the tour at the meeting time .

Additional Clauses
These regulations are active in December, 2017.