About Policy on the Protection of Personal Information (privacy policy)

Joint Stock Company AMAMYUZE (hereinafter referred to as our association) is aware of the importance of Personal Information Protection and recognizes that it is our important social obligation to use and supervise it. And our association hereby decides on Personal Information Protection Guidelines and protects our customers’ personal information.

1. The Acquisition of Personal Information

  • Our association specifies the purposes of use as in detail as possible and does not exceed the limits in order to reach the acquisition purpose needed.
  • Our association uses lawful and fair means to acquire personal information.

2. Utilization of Personal Protection

Our association utilizes the personal protection within the limit of necessities.

3. Third-Party Offers of Personal Protection

Our association does not offer any personal information except in the following cases:

  • without our customers’ agreement,
  • or the existence of the statistical data not to be able to recognize the person himself, or disclose and provide the personal information,
  • There exists the necessity to disclose to the outsourcing companies with airtight retention agreement,
  • in the case of the business succession such as the business transfer, etc,
  • in the case of offering to the third party with the conditions to stop offering, agreed by himself, under the Law of Personal Information Protection, Clause 2 Article 23, and the Law.
  • When, other than each front issue, it is determined by laws and ordinances.

4. Personal Data Management

  • Our association takes necessary and appropriate safety control measures to the unauthorized access to this information and computer virus protection in order to protect the lost, destruction and alteration and leakage of the personal data.
  • Our association continuously implements education and enlightenment activities for the protection of personal information to all the employees.

5. Suspension of Use, Notice, Disclosure and Alteration of the Personal Information in Possession

Our association takes an immediate measure, when requested by the customers, and after the verification of identity, to the notice of the purpose of the use, disclosure and alteration of the customers’ personal information in our possession.

6. The Development of the System

Arranging a chief executive officer, and a personal information manager, our association makes efforts to protect the customers’ personal information, which is one of our personal information protection tackles.

7. The Observation of the Law

Our association observes any laws and norms concerned about personal information protection.

8. Maintenance and Improvement

Our association maintains any rules and regulations concerned with personal information protection, making continuous efforts for maintenance and improvement.

9. The Technical Matters Concerned

Our association cannot identify the individual based on the information, although it is recorded as the customers’ access log terminal information (IP address, kinds of browsers, names of domain hours of access, etc.)
We publicize the access log information of statistically disposed data for the purpose of operations management, not for other purposes.

The definitions of “personal information” and “personal information in possession” in this guideline accord with “the Law of Personal Information Protection.”

December 26, 2017
Amamuse Co.Limited