The Amami Oshima Island VR video collection

The realization of Amami Oshima Island 360-degree spatial audio!

To watch on your computer,
Please select your image quality matched to your own viewing environment in the settings (the screw icon)
in the lower right corner of the screen (4k to 2160s).
What to reflect in the video soon after changing the image quality depends on the environment. Please be patient and wait.

The 4K viewing requires the matched environments(4K displays and compatible PCs).
In the environments other than these, you sometimes can’t watch smoothly because of the heavy processing.

To watch with VR goggles,
On your smartphone, access to the links which you would like to watch.
Tap the video screen and the marks of glasses
will appear at the bottom of the screen.
To tap them makes two eyes.
You watch here.
To adjust the image quality on the smartphones, tap the screen to find the three points
on the right hand-side top and on the lined-up icons.
Tap these and adjust the item of image quality.
Concerning watching with the two-eye headsets (VR goggles),
children under 13 years old are prohibited to watch by using them.

To watch with smartphones,
YouTube application has to be installed in your mobile terminal.
When you watch on Android mobile phones,
please use Google Chrome for your WEBbrowser.

Tours of Slow Guide Amami

The videos for experiencing the canoeing in the mangrove forests

This is part of the video to guide by canoe in the mangrove primeval forests in Sumiyo Town on Amami Oshima Island.

The video for experiencing the Snorkeling Tour

This is the underwater video of Doren, Kakeroma island. You can enjoy snorkeling here.

The video for experiencing the Walking Tour in Kinsakubaru

This is part of the video of the guiding tour in Kinsakubaru, which is famous for the primeval forests located deep in the mountains in Naze of Amami city.

The August Dance in Kakeroma Island

The August Dance in Doren Village

This is a video of the harvest festival held on Kakeroma Island.

The August Dance (Kasari Town)

Tha August Dance in Sani Village

This is a video of the harvest festival dance held in Kasari Town, Amami Oshima Island.

Tha August Dance in Yamato Village

The August Dance in Yamato Village

This is a video of the harvest festival August Dance held in Yamato Village, Amami Oshima Island.