Mangrove Canoeing
and the Kakeroma island Tour

  • Mangrove Canoeing and the Kakeroma island Tour
  • Mangrove Canoeing and the Kakeroma island Tour
  • Mangrove Canoeing and the Kakeroma island Tour

The Explanation of the Tour

Two key words for the highlights in touring Amami Oshima
are “Canoeing in Mangroves” and “Kakeroma island”.
You are on Kakeroma island for a great while ! Why don’t you enjoy both?
However, Amami Oshima is quite a large island with mangroves!

Moreover, Kakeroshima is unexpectedly a large island since there is only one way to cross over to the island.
It is by boat !
It is really different and complicated to enjoy the mangroves at the high tide or at the low tide.
The transportation means by ferry and by sea taxi
are disorganized.
But leave us, natives born and brought up on the islands, to the fully leisurely relaxing enjoyment of Amami
without caring about the unnecessary matters.
It is all right for you to stay both in the northern part near the airport and in Nase♪

This is a recommended tour for you to enjoy both the Mangrove Tour and Kakeroma island only in one day.

Mangrove Canoeing:

This is a guided tour to visit the largest Mangrove Native Forest in Amami Oshima
in one-seater, or two-seater comparatively stable canoes.
After a short lesson, even beginners can manage easily.
The tides will determine which spot to be guided in the mangroves.
The high tide will lead you to going down the wide river,
landing on the tidelands and observing the plants and the animals.
The low tide will also make it possible to take enough time
and observe the interesting ecology of plants and animals.
At both of the high and low tides, guided canoeing will be leisurely relaxing,
and heal the mind and body.

Kakeroma Island

Kakeroma island is an outlying island with idyllic appearances of original and nostalgic sceneries in Amami Oshima,
locating Amami Oshima to the north across the Ooshima Strait, and Yoro island, Uke island and Tokunoshima
in the tidal path farther down to the south.
Kakeroma island is unexpectedly such a large island that it is impossible to go around in one day,
which makes us take a slow strolling mainly on the eastern side of the island.
By car we will guide you to the high points,
the battlefield ruins in Ankyaba, Tokuhama Beach, the rows of Deigo trees and Suri Beach.

※When there are some places you are most eager to visit, we will make as many arrangements as possible.
Tokuhama Beach, the rows of Deigo trees and Suri Beach are the film locations in “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo.”
Looking at the whole view of Pacific Ocean and Oshima Strait from the hill,
taking a walk in the row fo Deigo trees and in the village,
playing on the beautiful sea and beaches…♪

You can fully feel relaxed atmosphere in Kakeroma island although it’s a short time.

Why don’t you try to have a luxurious day in Kakeroma island to console your spirit with light activities,
and by canoeing in the mangroves?
This will offer enough joyful leisurely feeling in Kakeroma island.

Tour Notes

  • The taxes and the insurance fees are included in the tour prices.
  • Lunch is a separate fee.
  • The rental fees of canoeing and life jackets are included.
  • The maximum number of a tour is six together with other tourists. One is acceptable. When it is over six, please inquire.
  • Basically at the high tide, the Mangrove Canoeing is held. The meeting site is “Michi no Eki Kuroshio no Mori Mangrove Park” in Amami-city Sumiyo-cho, or “Setouchi Umi no Eki” in Koniya Port in the south of Amami Oshima.
  • The tour is held in light rain. For the Mangrove Canoeing Tour, raincoats are provided, and umbrellas for Kakeroma Island Walking.
  • When in a heavy rain, a typhoon, or bad weather conditions are expected, to inquire about the possibilities of the tour, please contact us by phone possibly on the previous day of the tour, or at the latest before leaving the hotel. The clear cancellation of the tour due to the bad weather conditions obliges us to contact you.
  • In the Canoeing Tour in the mangroves, canoeing might be one of the first experiences in life for most of the people, but is is an easy paddling for the elementary school lower grade children and the elders in their 70s, There is nothing to worry about since the streams are calm, and the relatively stable canoes are provided.
  • Kakeroma Island Walking is not an activity to ride a canoe. It is strolling in the villages, scenic spots or along the rows of Deigo trees, and spending time in the beautiful ocean or on the beautiful beaches.


Clothes and Things to Bring

  • It is advisable to be lightly dressed, possibly with long sleeves and long pants. The simwears are not necessary.
  • Please bring clothes for change or towels just in case.
  • For footwear, sneakers, crocs or sandals are OK!
  • Bring drinks and hats in hot summer, fine hot weather and in the hot day time !
  • To those who Bring your sunscreen creams since there are some sites in the Canoeing, in the Kakeroma Island Walking. To those who are careful of sunburn, bring your sunscreen creams.
  • It is also advisable to bring your insect repellent spray.

The Meeting Site

It is just near the Mangrove native forest along National Highway 58.
The parking lot is spacious and free to use.

It will take about thirty minutes by car to Mangrove Park from Amami-city Nase and from Koniya in the south.
It will take about one hour or one hour and a half from the northern part of Amami Oshima.

Come to the parking lot in Mangrove Park fifteen minutes before the tour starts.
At your arrival on the tour day, call at 090-7288-5980.

※When Kakeroma Island Morning Waking is held in the morning, meeting point is “Setouchi Umi no Eki (Setouchi Sea Station) located in Setouchi-cho Koniya. We will inform you the details by email.
Mangrove Canoeing and the Kakeroma island Tour
tour duration 9:00    
tour prices
(the tax included)
adults ¥17,600※1
children ¥15,400※1
infants ¥1,100※1
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration About 7.5 hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1 : the insurance fees included
※1 : Lunch is a separate fee.
※2 : Please inquire about the chartered tours.