The Mangrove Canoeing,
Forests and Fall Tour

  • The Mangrove Canoeing, Forests and Fall Tour
  • The Mangrove Canoeing, Forests and Fall Tour
  • The Mangrove Canoeing, Forests and Fall Tour

The Explanation of the Tours:

This is a three hours’ tour to visit three separate sites, the Mangrove Native Forests, Woods,
and Water falls near Sumiyo-cho in Amami, in order to fully enjoy the wonderful nature in Amami.

In the tour of the Mangrove, you enjoy single-seater, or two-seater canoeing.
Please decide on which seat canoeing you would like to join on the day of the tour.

A short training lecture will provide beginners with an easy ride in the comparative comfortable canoes.

In Mangroves, the tide will determine an observation point.

The full tide will give an opportunity to enjoy a slow and comfortable canoeing
through the Mangrove trees growing in the water.
This makes you feel as if you were paddling a canoe through a narrow passage in a foreign country,

The low tide will grant you with a chance to land on a tideland,
and to enjoy discovering and observing the animals on the tideland,
for example, Shiomaneki Crab with one huge scissor, tiny shrimps, and gobies, etc.

You will be appeased to paddle a canoe through among the native mangroves growing in the flow of water,
and be healed to observe the fishes, crabs and wild birds.

The Forest Tour will guide you to “Modama Forest”, where the beans with one-meter-long pods named ”Modama”,
one of the longest beans in the world, grow.

Modama is known as a model in ” Jack and the Beanstalk” for its size.
One-meter long pods and the sight of the vines which grow to be 20 centimeters long in diameter,
crawling in the forests, are impressive and mind-blowing.

The huge pods can appear in front of you when you get off your car on the old National Highway.

The Fall Tour will guide you to Falls Hunangyo, a powerful 100 meter high waterfall.
This is a round trip trekking for about 30 minutes with an enjoyment of bathing in the forest,
observation of wild plants growing nearby and listening to wild birds’ chirping.

The Mangrove Canoeing, Forest, Waterfalls Tour is recommended for those who would like to enjoy
canoeing in the Mangroves, forests in the subtropics and falls simultaneously.
This is one of the best available tours offered by our association.

Tour Notes:

  • The taxes and the insurance fees are included in the travel prices.
  • In the Mangrove Canoeing Tour, the rental charges of canoes and life jackets are included.
  • The tour can hold six people with other guests, at the maximum. But we will guide you from one person.
    When the number is over six, please inquire beforehand.
  • In the Mangrove Tour, we will meet in the parking area, “Michi no Eki Kuroshio no Mori Mangrove Park”.
  • It cannot be cancelled due to a little rainy condition.
    When it rains a little, rain gears are provided for canoeing, umbrellas for Forest and Falls Tours.
  • In the bad weather, such as a heavy rain and a typhoon, phone us to check about the possibilities of the tours one day before, or at the latest. the day before you leave your hotel.
    The cancellation of the tour due to the bad weather conditions obliges us to contact you.
  • In Canoeing Tour in the mangroves, canoeing is the first experience in life for the elementary school lower grade children and the elders in their 70s, but it is an easy paddling.
    There is nothing to worry about since the streams are calm, and the relatively stable canoes are provided.
  • The clothes are to be light, possibly long pants and long sleeves. Swim wear is not necessary.
  • Please bring your towels and clothes for change just in case.
  • You can wear shoes or sandals like Crocs.
  • In summer time, when it is sunny, please bring cold drinks, summer hats as it is very hot in the daytime.
  • Asiantist triangle hats are provided.
  • It is advisable to prepare insect repellent splays.

The Meeting Spot:

Located very near the Mangrove native forest along Route 58.
a spacious parking lot is available.

It will take about 30 minutes by car from Amami city Nase,
or Koniya in the south, one hour, or one hour and a half from Amami Oshima in the north.

Please report to Mangrovepark fifteen minutes before the tour starts,
and phone us at 090-7288-5980 when you arrive at the parking lot on the day.

tour duration 9:00 13:30  
tour prices
(the taxes and the insurance fees included)
adults ¥7,150
children ¥6,050
infants ¥550
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration about three hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1 :Please inquire about the chartered tours.

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