The Amami Island Song Tour
in the island style

  • Island Song Tour
  • Island Song Tour
  • Island Song Tour
  • Island Song Tour

The Explanation of the Tour

The island songs “Shimauta” representing the Amami traditional culture.
The tour accompanied by the singers who transmit the Amami history in the melody of melancholy.

Amami Oshima is an island known as oriental Galapagos,
full of rare animals and plants in nature.
The traditional culture beginning with Oshima Tsumugi silk fabric develops
in the unprecedented forms, and is inherited to nowadays.

One of the representatives is a “Shimauta (Amami Island Song)”

It is a sad and frustrating nostalgic melody
of which inspirational unique moderation is a melody of the soul,
reflecting the sad and harsh history of Amami.

The comfortable melodies of the Island songs
and the tour in the untouched nature will invite you to the quiet permanent.

ーWhat is this Island song?ー

It is a song in your hometown where you were born and raised.

It is a folk song in falsetto, which is a running cry in Japanese and Okinawa folk songs,
but it is a prohibited technique unique to Amami Archipelago.
Its background contains the history of Amami at the mercy of Amarican, Japanese and Ryukyu
in the Ryukyu Arc domination.

Interwoven in song lyrics and melodies, the Amami Island Song is a culture inheriting the lives,
lessons and thoughts of the islanders who lived in such eras.

ーThe World of Coexistenceー

The deep green forests protected by the poisonous habu snakes and Monster Kenmun.
The gentle sounds of the falls etching streams flowing in the deep forests from the beginning of history.
The tiny villages (shima) scattered in the deep clear and blue coves.
Coexisting with nature, the islanders have been inscribing their awe of nature
and deep feelings for history in their songs.

We will guide you in this Deep Amami!

ーThe High Spotsー

The new tour appeared with ful, thanks to all the native Amami staff in SlowGuideAmami.
What are the high spots?

1. Slow and Slow Guide !

The slow tour, in which an Islander tour conductor guides you by car
slowly to the recommended healing spots related to the island songs, such as the falls, the mountain streams,
and the beaches, interweaving stories about the history of the people in Amami and their customs.

2. Encountering what the original song looks like !

We will transmit live songs not performed at the stage of the tavern, noron the stage of the event, but in the beautiful scenery of Amami.
Into the special world of the sounds played by the islander artists and nature !

The Amami timbres, which have been sung and told after years, will touch the heartstrings of you !

Highly Recommended for the followings:

  • For the repeaters of the Amami tours
  • For those who are interested in the Amami tours different from others
  • For those who are not good at activities, nor confident in physical strength.
  • For those With Children
  • For those who are interested in being exposed to the culture in Amami
  • For those who would like to take one further step to know Amami

The Shimauta Tour guided only by the island tour conductor
Why don’t you feel deeply and enjoy Amami with your five senses,
when you cannot get a taste of what it feels like to travel through the other tours?

ーTour Notesー

  • The taxes and the insurance fees are included in the tour price.
  • The tour meeting site is the parking lot, “Michi no Eki Kuroshio no Mori Mangrove Park” at Sumiyo-cho, Amami-city.
  • The tour can hold six people with other guests, at the maximum. But we will guide you from one person.
    When the number is over six, please inquire beforehand.
  • This tour will be held in light rain,
  • When it rains, the rain gears are prepared.
  • In a rain and a typhoon, phone us to check about the possibilities of the tours one day before, or at the latest. the day before you leave your hotel.(The clear cut impossibilities leading not to hold the tour obligate us to contact you.)
  • To those who are prone to vehicle sickness, it is advisable to take your anti-sickness medication before the tour starts,
    since there are many winding roads in the south-western part of Amami Main Island.
  • This tour is not an activity of canoeing.
  • No problem with light wear. Sneakers, crocs and sandals are acceptable.
  • To avoid the sun light both in the fine day time and in summer, please bring your drinks and hats.
  • For cold measures in winter, it is a piece of advice to provide yourselves with thick jackets and hot cairos.

The Meeting Spot:

Located very near the Mangrove native forest along Route 58.
a spacious parking lot is available.

It will take about 30 minutes by car from Amami city Nase, or Koniya in the south,
one hour, or one hour and a half from Amami Oshima in the north.

Please report to Mangrovepark fifteen minutes before the tour starts,
and phone us at 090-7288-5980 when you arrive at the parking lot on the day.

tour duration 9:00 13:30  
tour prices
(the taxes and the insurance fees included)
adults ¥8,250
children ¥7,150
infants ¥550
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration about three hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1 :Please inquire about the chartered tours.