Leisurely Tour in Kakeroma

~Kakeroma Essential~

  • leisurely Tour in Kakeroma
  • leisurely Tour in Kakeroma
  • leisurely Tour in Kakeroma

The Explanation of the Tour

What is Kakeroma island?

Kakeroma island looks like a small island on the map,
but is an exceptionally large island.
It is located on the south side of Amami Oshima across the Oshima Strait.

A slow tour in one day is impossible to go around.

The villages scattered on this island
are surrounded with coral and hibiscus hedges and remain intact.
Due to their idyllic appearances, and furthermore original scenery of Oshima Island.
They have been designated as one of Japan’s Top 100 Villages.

This tour consists of the three tours in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening,
provided for the tourists to visit the eastern side of the island
in order to have enough enjoyment of the essence of the heart of the island in a short time,

The Three High Spots:

The Tour in the Morning

The morning tour is a slow trek along Digo tree-lined streets,
on the cool beach before the sunrise ,
while you are listening to the chirping birds
and the sounds of the waves !

The arrival at Koniya on the side of Amami Oshima is around 12:30,
which is convenient for the tourists who have any other plans in the afternoon,
or who are obliged to return to the outside of the island by plane.

The Tour in the Afternoon

The afternoon tour is for those who are interested in finding the afternoon
that cannot be tasted in big cities,
and enjoying the superb view points, beaches and villages.

It will take about 20 minutes from Koniya Port in Amami Oshima.
You are welcome to join this tour with a light feeling,
“Let’s go to Kakeroma Island in the afternoon because it is fine today !”

We will do our best. Please make a reservation in the morning on the day of the tour.

The Tour in the Evening

In this tour, a living island can be found.

This tour is a good opportunity to those who would like to experience Kakeroasa slow and slow life styles
on the beaches by strolling and by feeling the atmosphere of the island,
looking at the children coming back from school and the elders who have just finished daily works,
the children’s laughters from the beaches, the adults resting on the breakwater
with a glass of beer in their hands, etc.

There will also be an opportunity to see the sun set from the hill.
How suddenly and what a romantic time you can have !

The High Spots on the Eastern Side of Kakeroma island

  • Erythrina variegat (Deigo tree) lined path of various nets for a leisurely carefree walk
  • Tokuhama Beach with a lion rock and a beautiful beach in Kakeroma
  • The Ankyaba site of the war located on the hill to view the Pacific Ocean and the Oshima Strait
  • The popular swimming beach in Kakeroma island with a view of stretching out blue sky

    The popular swimming beach in Kakeroma island with a view of stretching out blue sky

    Since this tour is not an activity to ride a kayak, or snorkel,
    anyone can participate without reserve.

    The Three Hours’ Course:

    The guides who love Kakeroma Island will select one of the best courses,
    considering the weather condition on the day, and take three hours to show around.
    Please join us to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere in Kakeroma Island, Morozumi Village
    with a row of Digo trees, and Suri Beach with the spreading-out white sand,

    This tour consists of the three ; the first in the morning, the second in the afternoon,
    and the third in the evening, which should be adjustable to the other tours.

The Tour Notes:

  • The tax, the insurance fees and the boarding fees are included.
  • The meeting place in Kakeroma Tour is basically Setouchi Umino Station in Koniya Port in the southern part of Amami Oshima.
    For those who stay in Kakeroma Island, it is impossible to start the tour in Kakero Island.Contact us in advance.
  • This is not an activity to ride a sea kayak.
    This is a leisurely stroll tour in the villages and on the beautiful beaches.
  • This tour will be held even in slight rain. In the rainy weather, umbrellas will be prepared.
  • To inquire about the possibilities of the tour, please contact us by phone possibly on the previous day of the tour, or before leaving the hotel at the latest.
    The cancellation of the tour due to the bad weather conditions obliges us to contact you.
  • Since this tour is a trekk in the villages, Please come in comfortable and moveable clothing, and foot wears. Sneakers, crocs and sandals are advisable.
  • In hot summer, especially hot in the daytime, please bring your hats and drinks.

The Meeting Spot:

The paid parking lot at Setouchi Umino Station for ¥100.00 for 30 minutes, and the maximum charge is ¥1,000.00 for 24 hours after your arrival.

It is approximately a one-hour car ride from Nase in Amami City,
and about one hour and a half, or two hours’ ride from the northern part of Amami Oshima.

Please come to Setouchi Sea Station fifteen minutes before the tour starts.
Upon your arrival at Setouchi SeStation, contact us at 090-7288-5980.

tour duration 9:00~/13:00~/16:00~    
tour prices
(the tax included)
adults ¥8,250※1
children ¥7,150※1
infants ¥550※1
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration about three hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1. The price includes the insurance fees and the boarding fees.
※2. When you would like to charter, please contact us.