Kakeroma Island Trekking Tour

  • Kakeroma Island Trekking Tour
  • Kakeroma Island Trekking Tour
  • Kakeroma Island Trekking Tour

The Details of the Tour

For YOU to taste even richer island-likenesses!
For YOU to kick back and relax on Kakeroma Island
where Island Time flows more slowly than on Amami Oshima Main Island.

『What is Kakeroma Island?』

ocated in the just south of Amami Oshima Main Island,
selected as one of the 100 Best Villages in Japan,
it is an island surrounded with coral stone walls and hibiscus hedges, where the original scenery remains.
This land is said to heavily hold the old village up until now.
Recently the number of tourists has increased little by little.
It will take about fifteen-to-twenty minutes to reach the island by ferry boat or by sea taxi from Amami Oshima Main Island.

『Main Spots on Kakeroma』

Considering the weather conditions, we will go around the best selected tourist sites, such as

  • a row of Digo trees good for strolling and relaxing,
  • Ootake Shrine, Shodon Shibaya, known as Important Cultural Properties (nationally designated),
  • the huge Chinese Banyan (Gajumalu) which makes us feel power of nature in Takena,
  • the film location of “Otokoha Tsuraiyo”, and the enormous Kasumal trees in Osai.

Since these tours are not the activities to kayak or snorkel,

anyone can participate regardless of the seasons.

<The Six Hours’ Course>
It is a surprise to find what a big remote island Kakeroma is!
So is Amami Oshima Main Island!
In fact, it is said that it will take two days to see around Kakeroma island.
This tour will take you to a lot of tourist sites here and there!
Only the native island guides will be able to take you to the very enjoyable tourist sites.
That is why you can take a photo of memories at a photo spot!
◇The fee for an adult is ¥14,300.00, children ¥12,100.00, and ¥1,100.00 for an infant.
(※All the prices include the taxes, the insurance fees, and the boarding fees.)
◇The hour 10:15~ / 13:00~

The Tour Notes

    • The taxes and the insurance fees are included in the tour price.
    • Lunch in one day tour is a separate fee.
    • The meeting site in Kakeroma Island is basically Setouchi Umino Station at Koniya Port in the southern part of Amami Oshima.

    For those staying on Kakeroma island, it is possible to start on Kakeroma island.
  • It is not an activity of sea kayaking.
    It is a slow and slow stroll in the villages and the scenic spots, and along the tree-lined streets of huge Gajyumaru and Digo trees.
  • This tour will be held even in a light rain.
    Umbrellas will be provided when it rains.
  • To inquire about the possibilities of the tour, please contact us by phone possibly on the previous day of the tour, or at the latest before leaving the hotel.
    The cancellation of the tour due to the bad weather conditions obliges us to contact you.
  • Since this tour is a trekk in the villages, please come in comfortable and moveable clothing. Footwear, such as sneakers, crocs and sandals are acceptable and advisable.
  • In the hot summer, especially hot in the daytime, please bring your hats and drinks.

※If your tour is a six hours’ morning course, bring your lunch, or use one of the restaurants in Kakeroma island.

“Walking in the Sky” at Kakeroma Island

The Meeting Spot:

The paid parking lot at Setouchi Umino Station for ¥100.00 for 30 minutes, and the maximum charge is ¥1,000.00 for 24 hours after your arrival.

It is approximately a one-hour car ride from Nase in Amami City,
and about one hour and a half, or two hours’ ride from the northern part of Amami Oshima.

Please come to Setouchi Sea Station fifteen minutes before the tour starts.
Upon your arrival at Setouchi SeStation, contact us at 090-7288-5980.

=The Six Hours’ Course=
tour duration 9:00 / 13:00
tour prices
(the tax included)
adults ¥14,300※1
children ¥12,100※1
infants ¥1,100※1
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration about 6 hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1 : the price including the tax and the insurance fee
※1 : Lunch is excluded.
※2 : Please inquire about the chartered tour.