The Tour of Mysterious Forests and Healing Falls

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  • Falls Tour
  • Falls Tour

The Explanation of the Tour

The True Face of Southern Amami Oshima

Amami Oshima is an island full of rains, greenery and mountains.
The annual rainfall is about 3,000 mm, which is about twice as much as in Tokyo or Oosaka.

The rains falling over the surrounding mountain ranges will make streams,
carve deep valleys, make waterfalls on the cliffs,
change wet subtropical forests into mysterious deep green forests, and reach the ocean of blue coral reefs.

Many Healing Falls

The appearance of the old with the inhabition of habu snakes,demon and guardian of the forest,
still remains in the deep and rugged hardwood forests with ferns and Cyathea Spinulosa.
This will prevent your approaches there.

The falls embraced in the deep misterious forests continuously flow on and on unnoticed.
There are about thirty falls with names, waterfalls without names, phantom falls and uncountable unknown falls.

The dignyfying falls expecting your visits, and the falls loitering to avoid the public eye and embarrassment
The falls to encourage you, the falls to refresh you, the falls to pacify and soothe you,
and the falls with fairy signs

The winds blowing gently over the falls invite you to the ancient times. Are they the breaths of God?
The hours to pacify you will flow.

Let’s try to find a power spot only for you in the mystic forests on this enchanted Island.

How to Enjoy the Falls

In the Slow Guide Tour we will advise you how to enjoy the falls freely as you wish.

  • Meditation by the waterfalls,
  • Bathing by the waterfalls,
  • Observation of living creatures on the seashores,
  • Observation of the mystic forests,

All is up you!

※About the Dangers of the Falls
No absolute safety is assured since the falls you are goint to visit stay natural and intact,
and are out of human reach.
Although you are escorted by a guide, please recognize that 100 percent safety is never assumed
since you go into the nature untouched by humanbeings.
Please follow your guide’s instructions so that you will enjoy your tour.

ーThe Tour Notesー

  • The taxes and the insurance fee are included in the tour price.
  • The meeting site is “Michi no Eki Kuroshio no Mori Mangrove Park” parking lot.
  • The maximum number of this tour is six accpomapanied by other tourists. One is welcome.
    Please inquire beforehand. When over six, please inquire us by mail or telephone call.
  • This tour will be held in a light rain.
  • When it rains, umbrellas and rainoats will be provided.
  • In the case of a typhoon or a heavy rain, please make a phone call at your earliest convenience to check the possibities of the tour: one day before the tour day, or at the latest, on the tour day before you leave your hotel.
    (When the tour is determined clearly not to be held due to the weather conditions, we are the ones to get in touch with you.)
  • The wears are to be light, possibly long sleeved wears, or long pants made of the maerials to be dried quickly.
  • Please bring your clothes for change and towels.
  • Sandals are good enough, But in some sites, boots will be safer for walking. Then, we will provide you with boots.
  • Please bring your drinks and hats in hot fine summer days,
  • Insect repellent splays will be helpful.

The Meeting Site

It is just near the Mangrove native forest along National Highway 58.
The parking lot is spacious and free to use.

It will take about thirty minutes by car to Mangrove Park from Amami-city Nase and from Koniya in the south.
It will take about one hour or one hour and a half from the northern part of Amami Oshima.

It will take about one hour or one hour and a half from the northern part of Amami Oshima.
At your arrival on the tour day, call at 090-7288-5980.

tour duration 9:00 13:30  
tour prices
(the taxes and the insurance fees included)
charter fee
(the tax included)
tour duration 3 hours
payment methods to be paid in cash or with cards

※1 :Please inquire about the chartered tours.